Newsletter Ad Specifications

Tips.Net newsletters are published in HTML format. This means that the ads appearing in our newslettrs are also HTML. While it is possible for a newsletter ad to appear as a "banner," that is not necessarily the best way for them to appear.

In our experience, it is better if ads are text-based. Your add will appear between descriptions of tips in the newsletter. If your ad is text-based, then it seems more "natural" to the reader and gives you a great chance of enticing the reader to click through to your site for additional information.

An ad consists of two things: a heading and a body. The heading should be no more than 65 characters long and the body should be no more 390 characters in length. The ad body can include a single phrase (no more than 30 characters) that becomes a hyperlink to your content. You let us know the URL that should be linked to, and that is what appears in the advertisement. Your ad would appear similar to the following:

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Coloring and fonts will differ based on publication and the mail program being used by the reader.

Ad copy and payment must be received by noon, two days before issue publication.

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